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"Best kids app? Yes! Detailed animation with really good animations" ★★★★★

JasonPoPason's statement about "Animated Animal Worlds" at US iTunes Store, Dez 2011



"Best kids app out there! This is definitely the best game for kids! And we're having lots of fun too" ★★★★★

Jane Warren's statement about "Car Wash" at US iTunes Store, Aug 2013



„We love apps for kids and this is on of our actual favorites! Try it, your kids will loved it!“ ★★★★★

Simakowski's statement about "Car Wash" at US iTunes Store, Sep 2013 



"My kids loves this game. You should get it! ★★★★★

Samantha's statement about "Car Wash" at US iTunes Store, Oct 2013 



"This app is awesome. My son already 'washed' 30 cars. Downloaded 1 day ago :-) cute graphics, neat sounds and a game that really is worth downloading" ★★★★★

ChecktheCheque's statement about "Car Wash" at US iTunes Store, Aug 2013



"This is really neat! Our 3 week old little girl was being fussy saw I looked for a lullaby app and she calmed down and went right to sleep :)" ★★★★★

Carlos Robles' statement about "Baby Lullabies Music Box" at US iTunes Store, Jan 2012



 „We’re working with toddlers and kids up to age 5 and all of them are having lots of fun with this app! It’s cute, funny and challenging (for small kids) - thats cool!..“ ★★★★★

Johnew123' statement about "Brush your teeth with funny animals" at US iTunes Store


 „Awesome graphics and sounds! We don’t only like the various cars in this fun kids app, but also the sounds! All of the wash activities cause different and authentic sounds, which make sure that the Car Wash atmosphere comes up.“ ★★★★★'s statement about "Car Wash"



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    Family Pand from Vancouver (Mittwoch, 27 November 2013 14:33)

    We love your apps - thank you very much for all these cute games!
    With love from Vancouver, BC.