To put your little ones to bed or to brush their teeth can be surprisingly simple! 

How? ...With our Apps!

Just as well you can use our apps to teach speaking, reading and counting!

Look and see!


Baby Stimulation: High Contrast Patterns & Shapes 

Age: 0+

Based on research studies, we provide you the greatest visual stimuli for your newborn

Download for iPad 

Baby's Lullabies Music Box Set 

Age: 0+

2 cute wind-up dolls with popular sleeping melodies

Download for iPad / iPhone/ iPod Touch

Sleeping With Natural Sounds

Age: 0+

12 soothing sounds for your and your baby

Download for iPadiPhone/ iPod Touch

Baby Sleep TV (beautiful pictures and melodies)

Age: 0+

8 wonderful dream worlds and songs

Download for iPadiPhone/ iPod Touch / Kindle

Baby's First Puzzle with Funny Sounds

Age: 1+

A great variety of animals, vehicles, musical instruments and house devices

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch 

Animated Fairy Tales 

Age: 1+

Use the animated pictures to tell fairy tales and wonderful stories!

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

Baby Sound & Touch App 

Age: 1+

Learning sounds! - more than 300 different objects and sounds (animals, traffic, music, sport, devices) 

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

Color and Shape Puzzle 

Age: 1+ 

Learn to differentiate and assign colors and shapes

Download for iPad / Google Play

Brush Your Teeth With Animals 

Age: 2+

Encourage your little ones to brush their teeth! (incl. timer & photo-shooting)

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

Abacus - Kids Can Count! 

Age; 2+

Learn to count and calculate

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Kindle


My Animal Doctor 

Age: 3+ 

This is your big chance to work in a hospital for animals!

Help them to feel better and they will thank you as their vet.

Download for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch



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