100% Kids Apps

Kids-Apps are fun!

They amuse you, your kids ...and us! ;-) We love to create new characters and worlds for more Happy Touch Entertaining- and Learning-Games for kids.


But parents should not have to worry about kids and their safety!

Thats why we create 100% child-oriented Apps.

We promise, that all Happy Touch Apps are made without advertising, push-messages and hidden costs. Because of our helpful age recommendations, you'll easily find apps for your children!

The best: You can test all apps for free. In addition, latest apps have a parental gate for in-app purchases and external links. Based on these „Happy Touch-Commitments“ we can provide you 100% Kids-Apps!

Read more about the Happy Touch-Commitments here.


Do you have any questions about our commitments or kids-apps in general?

Feel free to ask! ;-)


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