The Happy Touch-Family grows!



Our friendly Happy Touch-Family has a new member.

May we introduce Angry Monster to you? 


His giant mouth suggests his one and only love: candies! The Angry Monster is crazy about choclate, cookies, cakes and bonbons and can't get enough of that.

One day he searches the whole Happy Touch-City, every street and every corner for some candies.

No sweets! What a bummer!

The little red monster gets very very angry!


Obviously the Angry Monster needs help. He takes your kids on a journey through fantastic worlds, always in search of the easiest way to the delicious bonbons. A funny game for kids aged 2 and above.

Finally the Angry Monster eats his candies and smack satisfied!


We love our little hungry monster. And you?


* Angry Monster - App for kids aged 2 and above: Download for iPad *



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