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Our mission: Apps, that kids love and parents trust. 

Therefore we create kids games with lovely characters and educational values, adapted to the skills and needs of toddlers and preschoolers (0-6 years).

Because all Happy-Touch® Apps are designed and tested together with parents and kids, the games promise an endless fun with learning successes for the child. The apps are available worldwide in five languages. 


Please have a look around - your kids (and you!) will love our apps! 100% for kids. more... 






Create your own fancy dream cars

Build. Drive. Collect. That's the way you live your own cars dream! 

In the funny Dream Cars Factory you can create your own dream cars all by yourself. There are endless design options (first choose the car body, then the colors, windows, rims, tires,... and lots of weird and wonderful accessoires and special features!). A police car with flowely wheels? A rocket-propelled sports car? A yellow bus with red wheel rims and rotors on the roof? A golf car with a flashing blue light? Let your imagination run wild and create cars that have never been seen before! 


NEW: A funny Dream Cars Factory 

FREE Download for iPad


Then you head on down to the racetrack. Enjoy your drive by day or by night, in the desert or through the green landscape. You can collect all your dream cars in the huge garage (no limit!) and drive them again whenever you want. Which car would you like to drive today?! The free version is completely playable with one car. 17 cars and way too many special features to count wait for you in the full version. Made for kids aged 3 and above. 



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New FUN for your iPad/iPhone: Baby Laugh Bag!

The No. 1 App to make you HAPPY!


It's a great day, it's launch day! The awesome "Baby Laugh Bag" is finally on the iTunes App Store. 

The cheerful laughing bag will catch you with his infectious laughter - try it out! Discover a great variety of the most funny scenes with the laugh bag and his friends. Join his happy world now: 


Baby Laugh Bag by Happy-Touch®

DOWNLOAD FREE Fun for your iPad/iPhone


- More than 50 different laughing scenes

- 1 set with 5 videos for free

- Cute and humorous characters

- Funny animations and sounds 

- For young and old!


Check out a new review on topbestappsforkids.com with trailer here


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